24 Jun, 2024

Tesla charger access and EV adoption Video from Automotive News

First Shift: Tesla charger access and EV adoption Video from Automotive News

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Used car prices tumble again in December – but will begin to stabilize in 2024 – Car Dealer Magazine

Used car prices in 2024 are likely to begin to stabilize after the dramatic drops seen in the last three months.

Revealing a 2.1% fall in trade used car prices for December, Cap HPI director of valuations Derren Martin gave Car Dealer his predictions for the year ahead.

The December fall means trade used car prices have now dropped 10.5% in the last quarter of 2023.


Speaking to Car Dealer in an exclusive video interview (above), Martin said the December figures were among the worst on record, but were still a significant improvement on the previous two months.

Martin said: ‘We had a 2.2% drop in 2014 and December tends to be a month where values ​​do drop, but not by this much.

‘So it’s still a reasonable drop, but I’m looking at it more on the positive that it’s been less than it has been over the last two months.


‘We are seeing this as a stabilization and we do think there’s going to be, now, a gradual improvement – ​​values ​​now look more reasonable.

‘They’re still above where they were prior to those 2021 increases, on average, by about 13%.’

December’s trade values ​​have been boosted by the

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This Windsor, Ont., man is paying for a car he can’t drive. He’s calling for stronger consumer rights

A Windsor, Ont., man who has spent months without a vehicle as his SUV sits in the dealership’s lot, awaiting parts, following an accident is calling for stronger consumer laws.

Mohamed Ahmed says the March car accident left his then month-old vehicle undrivable. He said he wasn’t offered a replacement, and was “shocked” to learn he didn’t have a legal right to one.

Ahmed financed a 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan in February. He is still waiting for the arrival of two main parts — a steering rack and rims — so his vehicle can be fixed.

“There is no ETA on the parts, which is causing me a lot of frustration,” he said.

Ahmed said he works for a Toronto-based company and is supposed to be there in person at least twice a month, but he’s unable to get there.

“If I want to travel, meet my clients, meet my team — I’ll be so much stressed with everything going up on the roof now with prices. I need to save every penny not to spend it on car rentals.”

I’m paying for a car I don’t have. I’m paying for a car that I don’t know when it’s coming back.

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Hyundai vehicles to be available online in 2024

A shiny SUV on a stage with two people standing on its passenger side

José Muñoz (right), CEO of Hyundai North America, and Marty Mallick, vice president for Amazon worldwide business and corporate development, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Photo: Amazon via Business Wire

Amazon plans to begin allowing Hyundai dealers to sell new vehicles on its platform, launching the e-commerce giant into the lucrative but highly competitive car market for the first time.

Why it matters: Amazon’s sheer e-commerce heft means the company must immediately be taken seriously in the automotive retail space.

Driving the news: Amazon announced its plans Thursday during the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show, and said Hyundai would be the “first” brand to sell cars on the platform.

  • Customers will be able to search based on model, trim, color and other features, while also choosing payment and financing options.
  • As part of their deal, Hyundai will begin incorporating Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into its vehicles beginning in 2025.

Selling cars online is unlike selling any other item because most product sales aren’t as complex as vehicles, which often involve trade-ins, financing, warranties and follow-up service.

What they’re saying: Listing on Amazon “should make shopping easier” for many buyers, “but all these additional components you’re still dealing with the

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Stellantis unveils aftermarket parts brand to complement Mopar

Stellantis unveils aftermarket parts brand to complement Mopar | Automotive News

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New Mass. right-to-repair law now being enforced

Local News

The law, which voters approved in 2020, requires certain vehicle information to be shared with buyers and independent repair shops. Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell began enforcement on June 1.

A judge paved the way for Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell to begin enforcing a new law that will require certain vehicle information to be shared with buyers and independent repair shops. Suzanne Kreiter/Boston Globe

On Thursday, Massachusetts Attorney general Andrea Campbell began enforcing the state’s new right-to-repair law following years of bitter debate and a wildly expensive ballot initiative that was approved by voters in 2020.

Here’s what to know about the new law.

In a nutshell, the law requires automakers selling cars in the state to provide customers and independent repair businesses with access to a type of information called “telematics.” The term refers to information that is first detected by a car and then transmitted wirelessly elsewhere. This information can be used to easily determine problems with a vehicle.

Newer cars are increasingly outfitted with telematics systems, making it so the vehicles automatically transmit this information to carmakers. In 2012, Massachusetts voters passed a similar law that made diagnostic information available to independent shops and

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DGGI seeks higher GST from auto parts makers

Goods and services tax authorities have raised higher tax demands to several automotive component manufacturers, citing a Supreme Court judgment regarding a company owned by the West Bengal government.

The Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DGGI) sent notices to at least 17 such companies in the last 45 days alone with total tax demands of over ₹1,200 crore, said people were close to the development. Officials said the amount could go up further as more notices will be sent.

“Going by the Supreme Court order in the case of M/s Westinghouse Saxby Farmer, parts used exclusively for the auto industry have to pay higher tax and there cannot be two principles of taxation for the two industries,” a senior tax official told ET .

The matter involves manufacturers of engines, horns, locks, lights, sensing devices, valves, switch panels, LCD screens used in dashboard displays, oil seals and other electronic components, among other vehicle parts.

While these manufacturers have been paying GST on the parts at lower rates, usually 18%, tax authorities have claimed that a rate of 28% is applicable since that is the GST rate applicable on ‘parts and accessories of motor vehicles’ as per the

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Repco, Supercheap fined by consumer watchdog over button battery products

Australian automotive accessory retailers Repco and Supercheap Auto have been fined for supplying car key remotes that allegedly breached warning requirements for products powered by button batteries.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued infringement notices to the Innovative Mechatronics Group (IMG) over four different models of replacement car key remotes supplied by IMG to Repco and Supercheap Auto that allegedly failed to include the required safety warning labels about the hazards associated with button batteries, which is a serious safety risk to children.

It also fined Repco and Supercheap Auto for supplying two types of car key remotes to consumers.

The supplier of the car remotes and retailers Repco and Supercheap Auto have all been fined. (Supplied)

Mandatory safety and information standards were introduced in 2022 following the deaths of three children caused by button batteries.

IMG paid $59,640 in penalties, while Repco and Supercheap Auto paid $33,000 and $26,640 respectively.

While the packaging of the car key remotes supplied by IMG and sold to consumers by Repco and Supercheap Auto featured a QR code that linked to a website that contained a warning symbol and information about button batteries, the ACCC said it did not meet the

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VW to halt T-Roc output in Portugal

Volkswagen will pause production of the T-Roc small crossover, its top seller in Europe, after heavy floods disrupted engine parts supplies.

Output of other models across the automaker’s European factory network may also be hit after a supplier in Slovenia was impacted by flooding in the country.

VW will halt T-Roc output at its Autoeuropa plant in Setubal, Portugal between Sept. 11 and Nov. 12, the factory workers’ commission said on Thursday.

It said the company would temporarily lay off staff during this time, but that the situation as it stands now should not have a negative impact on workers’ income.

Floods have severely affected a Slovenian company that supplies engine parts for the T-Roc, according to an internal memo sent to the 5,000 employees at the plant near Lisbon.

The supplier affected by the flooding was only able to deliver an order to a limited extent, a VW spokesperson told the DPA German press agency

VW Group said it is “working with other suppliers to find alternatives to return to normal production in the affected plants as quickly as possible.”

VW did not name the supplier. Slovenian press reports say the company is KLS Ljubno, a gear rings manufacturer

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The Best Online Clothing Stores

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