15 Jul, 2024

Top Car News That Mattered This Week (Nov 6-10): New-gen Maruti Swift Spied, Citroen eC3 Price Hike, Tata Punch EV Spied, New Kia Carnival Interior Revealed, And More

The key highlight from this past week was the slew of updates about the upcoming new-generation Maruti Swift

Swift, Eletre, eC3

This past week, we received a whole host of updates on upcoming products in India. From the official debut of the new Suzuki Swift in Japan and it being spotted testing on our roads, to the entry of British automotive marque Lotus in the country. Let’s explore all the noteworthy four-wheeler headlines that captured our attention last week.

More Details On The New Swift

2024 Suzuki Swift

In its home country Japan, the new-generation Suzuki Swift gets a fresh Z series 3-cylinder petrol engine compared to the older 4-cylinder K-Series engine. However, the power figures of this engine are yet to be disclosed. We have also detailed the color options for the Japan-spec Suzuki Swift.

Just a few days after its debut in Japan, the new-generation Swift was also spotted in India last week, introducing new design details specific to its India version.

Citroen eC3 Price Hike

Citroen eC3

The Citroen eC3 has received its second price increase this year. Introduced in India in early 2023, the eC3 electric hatchback experienced its initial price revision in August. For detailed variant-wise pricing information, visit this link.

Mahindra Global

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FTC reveals new rule targeting auto dealership scams that hurt shoppers

The Federal Trade Commission announced a new rule Tuesday intended to stop auto dealers from using hidden fees and bait-and-switch price tactics on buyers.

The agency says such fees and tactics cost people in the US $3.4 billion a year and add 72 million hours to their time spent shopping for vehicles.

The FTC calls the new regulation the Combating Auto Retail Scams Rule.

Read more on this story at NBCNews.com and watch “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” tonight at 6:30 pm ET/5:30 pm CT.

The agency says the rule bans misrepresentations about price, cost and other key information. It also requires dealers to provide the actual price consumers have to pay for vehicles, to disclose that additional items such as extended warranties aren’t mandatory and to state the full monthly payment consumers are accepting upfront.

Stacy Lupo of Winter Haven, Florida, said she and her son were victimized by those kinds of sales tactics when she bought a car for him at a Toyota dealership in 2021. They were offered an extended warranty and turned it down, but Lupo was concerned about the way the financing manager behaved afterwards.

She said she later reviewed the lease paperwork and

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JLR parts crisis leaves almost 5,000 cars awaiting repairs

Delays to the delivery of parts have left almost 5,000 Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) cars stuck at dealerships awaiting repairs.

Speaking at the carmaker’s financial update last week, JLR chief executive, Adrian Mardell, said the firm needed to apologize to customers facing delays.

JLR has downsized its UK parts supply network from 18 warehouses to one ‘super-centre’, the Mercia Park complex in Leicestershire, operated by its logistics partner Unipart Logistics.

But since the “transition” started at the beginning of Q4 there have been problems supplying parts for Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships, and authorized repairers, leading to cars being parked up awaiting parts, while the JLR network ran out of loan cars for affected customers .

JLR says the situation is improving, but it is unlikely to be fully resolved until early 2024. There is still a backlog of parts orders.

Mardell said: “It was a planned transition but the transition is taking longer than we would have originally planned and, just to be clear, that’s something that nobody wished for, and that’s something that, as an organization with our partners we’re working with here, we obviously have responsibility for the change.”

The delays are something “we do need to

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Daihatsu, Toyota’s small car subsidiary, shuts down factories due to falsified safety tests

Daihatsu, a subsidiary of Japanese car maker Toyota, has shut down production lines at all four of its factories as the Japanese government investigates reports the company faked safety test results on some car models for more than 30 years.

The shutdown came a week after the company announced it was suspending all vehicle shipments in and outside Japan after admitting to improper testing involving 64 models.

That led transport ministry officials to launch a deeper probe into problems that reportedly persisted for decades.

So far there have been no reports of accidents or deaths due to the falsified tests.

The stoppage is expected to affect thousands of auto parts makers and their employees, potentially dealing a blow to local economies across Japan.

It is just the latest number of safety or other violations revealed to have taken place to at least five of Japan’s major automakers in recent years.

The shutdown

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10 products you need in your car this winter – National

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As the days get shorter and colder, preparing your vehicle for winter driving is crucial.

According to the RCMP, in 2017 nearly 30 per cent of accidents happened on wet, snowy or icy roads. In addition to checking conditions before hitting the road, having a winter safety kit in your car is important. The CAA notes that 50 per cent of Canadians have such a kit in their car.

“The best time to get your car winter-ready is before the snow falls,” says Kristine D’Arbelles, Senior Director of Public Affairs for CAA National.

In case a roadside emergency occurs, it’s important to be equipped with all the essentials.

“Having an emergency kit in your car is always a good idea, but especially important during the winter,” suggests D’Arbelles. “You can build your own using common household items such as a flashlight with extra batteries, a snow brush, a bag of kitty litter, paper towels, and a small toolkit or a few screwdrivers and pliers.”

Story continues

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UAW: 13,000 auto workers go on strike. What’s at stake

DETROIT (AP) — About 13,000 auto workers have walked off the job at three targeted factories after their union leaders couldn’t reach a deal with Detroit’s automakers.

The United Auto Workers union is seeking big raises and better benefits from General Motors, Ford and Stellantis. They want to get back concessions that the workers made years ago, when the companies were in financial trouble.

A small percentage of the union’s 146,000 members walked off the job at a GM assembly plant in Wentzville, Missouri; a Ford factory in Wayne, Michigan, near Detroit; and a Stellantis Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio, at 11:59 pm Eastern time on Thursday.

Shawn Fain, the combative president of the UAWsays the targeted strikes will give the union leverage in contract talks and keep the auto companies guessing about their next move.

It could also make the union’s $825 million strike fund last much longer.

Both sides began exchanging wage and benefit proposals last week. Although some incremental progress appears to have been made — General Motors made a new, richer offer just hours before the strike deadline — it was not enough to avoid walkouts. The strike could cause significant disruptions to auto production

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Samsung To Showcase End-to-End Automotive Solutions at IAA MOBILITY 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Electronics to exhibit semiconductor solutions tailored for nearly every automotive function;
Samsung Display to feature enhanced safety and innovative features of OLED displays;
Samsung SDI to present next-generation EV battery products

Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display and Samsung SDI today jointly announced their collaborative presence at the highly anticipated IAA MOBILITY1 2023 event, scheduled for Sept. 5-10 in Munich, Germany. In a united effort, the three Samsung affiliates will showcase a holistic range of automotive solutions set to redefine the landscape of connected mobility and captivate consumers and enterprises from around the globe.

Samsung Electronics: Revolutionizing the Road Ahead

Aligning automotive innovations from all of its semiconductor business units for the first time, Samsung Electronics underscores the symbiotic potential among its diverse offerings across memory, system LSI, foundry and LED technologies. This unification solidifies Samsung’s leading position as an all-encompassing mobility solutions provider.

“IAA MOBILITY 2023 serves as an unparalleled platform for us to demonstrate the collective strength and commitment of our individual businesses, built to revolutionize the automotive industry through our expansive suite of semiconductor technologies,” said Dermot Ryan, President of Device Solutions Europe, Samsung Electronics . “Our shared vision is to collaboratively craft safer, more sustainable and

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GM Says It’s Ditching Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for Your Safety

GM’s announcement earlier this year that it would begin phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity on its new EVs and, eventually, all of its future products went over very poorly, to say the least. Those phone-mirroring programs are hugely popular among both new and used car buyers, making GM’s announcement difficult to understand. Now, the company has explained a bit more about its thinking toMotorTrend.

While GM representatives did offer some basic reasons for ditching the beloved programs at the time of the announcement, the whole decision was poorly communicated. A two-page “media fact sheet” listed some benefits to EV route planning and charging as well as the company’s semi-autonomous driving systems Super Cruise and Ultra Cruise; basically, GM can curate more of the experience by doing its own thing. None of that really explains why the company was taking away features customers like enough to make buying decisions based on them as, at the very least, an alternative option.

Stop Using Your Phone While Driving

Tim Babbitt, GM’s head of product for infotainment, gaveMTa better explanation at a press event for the new Chevrolet Blazer EV, the flagship vehicle in the no

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New Year, New Cars: What’s Coming In 2024

The Polestar 3 and 4 are slated to join Polestar’s all-electric lineup after some delays. Polestar

It’s time to look ahead and hope that all the talk about new electric SUVs, more hybrids and electrified versions of classics (Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade come to mind) comes to fruition, despite most carmakers scaling back production and electrification goals in the second half of this year.

2023 was mostly disappointed with delays and broken promises, but some of last year’s hopefuls should put it into production and drive ways in the next 12 months. We’ve compiled the top all-new cars that are expected to make it off the internet and onto the road before 2025.

Many production promises are hanging in the balance for 2024 (like the new Lucid Gravity SUV that optimistically plans to start building the cars before the year’s end) but we don’t expect customers to receive those vehicles until well into 2025. These are the cars that should make delivery at some point in the new year.

Chevrolet Blazer EV

2024 Chevy Blazer EV
Sasha Lekach

The timing isn’t great with Chevy putting a stop-sale order in place at the end of December for already released Chevy Blazer EVs due to

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Ontario car dealerships are gouging customers: survey

When you buy a car, you’ll be offered warranties, rust protection and other add-ons you can usually accept or decline.

However, a new survey by Car Help Canada, a non-profit group that provides assistance to customers buying cars, finds that some car dealers are forcing customers to buy add-ons, and if they don’t, the dealer will refuse to sell them the car.

“Many dealerships are price gouging consumers charging them excessive fees and forcing them to pay for add-on products they don’t necessarily want or need,” said Shari Prymak, executive director of Car Help Canada.

The Canadian Car Buyers Survey asked 1,500 adult Canadians who purchased a car within the past two years about their car buying process.

Thirty-seven per cent of new car buyers said they were forced to pay a mark-up over the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and 85 per cent of those profit mark-ups ranged from $1,000 to over $10,000.

Some of the options customers were forced to buy included extended warranties, paint protection, tinted windows, key fob insurance, rust protection, tire and rim protection and VIN etching.

According to the survey, some dealers told customers they had to pay for the add-ons or they couldn’t

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