21 Jun, 2024

Why a car parts crisis is costing customers time and money

“The car is on a PCP [personal contract purchase] and we’re still paying for it,” she says. “Apparently, nobody can get hold of this part. And until they can, the car is off the road. The car is now SORNed because I can’t MOT it, I can’t tax it, so I’m kind of stuck, really.

This is not a problem unique to the dealership in question, either. Becky continued: “We originally bought the car at Salisbury Audi, because we’ve got a friend who works there, and they happened to call me a couple of days ago to talk about the possibility of us taking out another PCP on another car. I explained what was happening with my current car, and that it was still stuck in Watford with no sign of the part on the horizon. So they then also tried to source the part, and they couldn’t, either.

“The guy at Salisbury told me that while cars have been holding a lot of value recently, because new cars weren’t coming through quickly enough, they’re now starting to depreciate, so my car is effectively just sitting there losing value, when there’s a dealership that wants to take it off my

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