21 Jun, 2024

GM Says It’s Ditching Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for Your Safety

GM’s announcement earlier this year that it would begin phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity on its new EVs and, eventually, all of its future products went over very poorly, to say the least. Those phone-mirroring programs are hugely popular among both new and used car buyers, making GM’s announcement difficult to understand. Now, the company has explained a bit more about its thinking toMotorTrend.

While GM representatives did offer some basic reasons for ditching the beloved programs at the time of the announcement, the whole decision was poorly communicated. A two-page “media fact sheet” listed some benefits to EV route planning and charging as well as the company’s semi-autonomous driving systems Super Cruise and Ultra Cruise; basically, GM can curate more of the experience by doing its own thing. None of that really explains why the company was taking away features customers like enough to make buying decisions based on them as, at the very least, an alternative option.

Stop Using Your Phone While Driving

Tim Babbitt, GM’s head of product for infotainment, gaveMTa better explanation at a press event for the new Chevrolet Blazer EV, the flagship vehicle in the no

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