21 Jun, 2024

Is your new car on a storage compound? Inside Kia’s scheme to deliberately withhold deliveries

New Kia vehicles that have arrived from overseas are sitting on a storage lot in Wolverton, Ont., purposely locked up even though customers have been waiting months and months — some well over a year — to get their vehicles.

The new cars are being held from Kia’s Ontario dealerships — and reportedly from many more across the country — as part of a controversial plan by Kia Canada to game the number of sales in the last six weeks of the year.

Go Public has obtained a video in which a Kia regional manager explains the scheme — passed down from top Kia executives — to more than 100 dealership reps in Ontario during a Nov. 17 video calls.

“All of you are going to be very unhappy with me today,” said Kia’s central region manager Vince Capicotto as he outlined the plan, which he said would roll out nationally.

Instead of shipping all the vehicles to dealerships, Capicotto told the dealers only some will be released — the rest will remain on various compounds until the new year.

The reason for this, he explained in the call, was to avoid appearing too successful in the eyes of headquarters

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