24 Jun, 2024

Auto shops struggling to find trained mechanics amid national shortage: ‘It’s really getting scary’

If you need to take your car into the shop, the work could take longer than usual.

That’s because there’s a nationwide shortage of auto mechanics, which is causing a backlog in repairs.

Seasoned mechanics are retiring at an increased rate posing a challenge for shops attempting to fill vacant positions.


“It’s been tough, especially since the pandemic,” said Emily’s Garage Manager Nolan Bailey.

There's a nationwide shortage of auto mechanics

Auto shops are dealing with a nationwide shortage of trained auto mechanics. (Fox News)

Emily’s Garage just had an opening for a new auto technician. It took them a lot longer than it used to, to find the right fit.

“Usually, you could put out an application,” Bailey said. “And when people are work hungry, you’d get 20.30 applicants maybe in a week or two. In this case, we got maybe four or five applicants over the course of two months.”

There's just over half of the number of trained mechanics needed each year

There’s barely over half the number of trained mechanics to fill 76,000 open positions every year. (Fox News)


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