23 Jun, 2024

Hyundai vehicles to be available online in 2024

A shiny SUV on a stage with two people standing on its passenger side

José Muñoz (right), CEO of Hyundai North America, and Marty Mallick, vice president for Amazon worldwide business and corporate development, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Photo: Amazon via Business Wire

Amazon plans to begin allowing Hyundai dealers to sell new vehicles on its platform, launching the e-commerce giant into the lucrative but highly competitive car market for the first time.

Why it matters: Amazon’s sheer e-commerce heft means the company must immediately be taken seriously in the automotive retail space.

Driving the news: Amazon announced its plans Thursday during the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show, and said Hyundai would be the “first” brand to sell cars on the platform.

  • Customers will be able to search based on model, trim, color and other features, while also choosing payment and financing options.
  • As part of their deal, Hyundai will begin incorporating Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into its vehicles beginning in 2025.

Selling cars online is unlike selling any other item because most product sales aren’t as complex as vehicles, which often involve trade-ins, financing, warranties and follow-up service.

What they’re saying: Listing on Amazon “should make shopping easier” for many buyers, “but all these additional components you’re still dealing with the

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Mis-sold car finance scandal: could you be due compensation?

Missold car finance

Don’t worry, Auto Express isn’t about to join the bandwagon of claims-management firms advertising on social media and elsewhere, using well-known statements to get their claws into a share of any payout you – and millions of others – may one day be entitled to as a result of a ‘mis-sold’ car finance agreement.

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At issue are finance agreements including a non-disclosed Discretionary Commission Agreement between your lender and your dealer, allowing the latter to secretly tweak interest rates for more or less commission. DCAs were banned in 2021, but were commonplace before that, especially in the franchised/prime used-car sector.

Complainants say that dealers raising rates behind customers’ backs to earn extra commission was an unfair practice. They want customers to be compensated for any additional interest paid out, a view backed by two recent decisions by the Financial Ombudsman, which is sided with a pair of complainants claiming just that.

When you look at the numbers, it’s no surprise that so many claims-management firms want a slice of a future compensation pie. Around £40billion is lent on car finance every year in the UK and, after financial advice website Money Saving Expert launched its

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