24 Jun, 2024

Discounts On Renault Cars In March 2024: Renault Kwid, Renault Kiger, And Renault Triber

Existing Renault customers also get a loyalty bonus of Rs 10,000 valid across all models

Renault Cars

  • Maximum benefits of up to Rs 82,000 are available with MY23 units of the Renault Kwid.

  • The MY23 units of the Renault Kiger are being offered with discounts of up to Rs 75,000.

  • Customers can save up to Rs 67,000 on the Renault Triber.

  • All offers are valid until the end of March 2024.

Renault has rolled out its offers across all its models – Renault Kwid, Renault Triber, and Renault Kiger – for March 2024. Both MY23 and MY24 units of these models are available with benefits with the maximum discounts reserved for the MY23 stock. The offers include cash discounts, exchange and loyalty bonuses, and corporate discounts. Let’s have a look at model-wise offer details below.

Disclaimer: Buying cars manufactured in 2023 may affect their resale value compared to buying an MY24 unit.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid





Cash Discounts

Up to Rs 40,000

Up to Rs 10,000

Exchange Bonuses

Up to Rs 20,000

Up to Rs 15,000

Loyalty Bonus

Up to Rs 10,000

Up to Rs 10,000

Corporate Discounts

Up to Rs 12,000

Up to Rs 12,000

Maximum Benefits

Up to

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FTC’s CARS Rule: Why a new rule to combat auto retail scams is great news for consumers and honest dealers

In the drive toward Combating Aauto Retail Scams, the FTC’s just-announced CARS Rule is a big win for consumers, who lose billions of dollars in wasted time and money each year to illegal practices like bait-and-switch tactics and junk fees. It’s also a big win for honest car dealers who strive to apply established truth-in-car-buying principles at their dealerships and shouldn’t have to compete against dealers who don’t. Why is the CARS Rule such a game changer and what compliance guidance does the FTC have for industry members? Read on for more information.

The CARS Rule is the culmination of a years-long effort to ensure truth and transparency in the process of buying and leasing cars and trucks. The FTC published a proposed rule last year and received thousands of comments from dealers, consumer groups, and others. Based on what commenters had to say and the FTC’s law enforcement efforts to combat auto retail scams, the CARS Rule restates consumer protection established principles in clear language specific to the auto industry and includes new remedies if a car dealer engages in certain deceptive or unfair practices .

By stating clear rules of the road that apply

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Flying cars edge towards takeoff after Chinese production deal

A flying car that’s certified for aviation just took another big step towards commercialisation.

The Aircar’s creator, KleinVisiontoday announced the sale of a “groundbreaking” license to manufacture the vehicle.

The deal gives China’s Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Co. exclusive rights to the system within a specific, undisclosed region. Also undisclosed is the cost of the license.

KleinVision says the agreement brings flying cars closer to reality.

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The Slovakian startup already has a certificate of airworthiness for its tech, which transforms from a car into a plane in under three minutes.

Aircar must conduct 70 hours of flight testing and over 200 take-offs and landings to get the certificate.

The vehicle has also successfully flown between cities. In 2021, the dual-mode vehicle completed a 35-minute trip between the Slovakian airports in Nitra and Bratislava.

Powered by a BMW 1.6l engine, the flying car has a top speed of 300km/h and a range of 1,000km.

Its eye-catching performance and looks recently caught the attention of YouTuber Mr Beast.

Flying cars prepare for takeoff

KleinVision now aims to obtain

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Cox Automotive Forecast: US Auto Sales Expected to Finish 2023 Up More Than 11% Year Over Year, as General Motors Retains Top Spot, Hyundai Motor Group Jumps Past Stellantis

ATLANTA, Dec. 27, 2023 – December new-vehicle sales, announced next week, are expected to show gains over last year’s product-constrained market. According to the Cox Automotive forecast released today, sales volume this month is expected to rise 6.2% over December 2022. The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), or sales pace, is expected to finish near 15.1 million in December. This SAAR is 1.6 million higher compared to last year’s pace. However, it reflects a slight decline from last month’s 15.3 million level and matches the lowest SAAR of the year, which was recorded in May.

According to Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive: “December is generally a strong month for new-vehicle sales as holiday shoppers look for year-end deals, and this year will be no exception. With supply much higher now and incentives higher as well, this December is expected to finish significantly better than last year. But high vehicle prices and high interest rates remain the industry’s Grinch right now, and that trend will continue into next year.”

2023: A Surprisingly Strong Sales Year

New-vehicle sales have been stronger and more consistent than expected throughout 2023. The new-vehicle market has been supported by growing deliveries, improving supply levels

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