21 Jun, 2024

Global M&A trends in industrial manufacturing and automotive: 2024 outlook

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Porsche Australia not worried about penalties from emissions standards

Porsche is known for its petrol-powered sports cars, but it’s banking on its growing range of electric cars to hold it in good stead when new fuel efficiency standards hit Australia.

Porsche Australia boss Daniel Schmollinger told media the brand is “comfortable” with its position if the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) rolls out as proposed by the Federal Government.

“With our electrification strategy – 80 per cent electric by 2030 – I think we will be in a good position,” Mr Schmollinger said.

Porsche already offers the electric Taycan in Australia, and will later this year introduce an electric version of its best-selling Macan SUV.

Last call for the petrol model is rapidly approaching, with the final orders to be taken mid-year.

When it does launch, Porsche is expecting the electric model to slot neatly into the lineup – despite concerns from dealers about the death of the strong-selling petrol.

“We started three years ago with the Taycan. “Obviously there were some question marks if the Taycan was the right fit for the market – especially in Australia, which is petrol-oriented,” said Mr Schmollinger.

“The success we saw with the Taycan over the last three

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